Outsourcing – a Game Changer for your Growing Company?

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    Outsourcing – a Game Changer for your Growing Company?

    Outsourcing – a Game-Changer for Your Growing Company?

    The skills gap is growing. It’s time to get comfortable with the idea of outsourcing more tasks.


    Outsourcing is not just for the big brands, it can also suit the one-man bands. It’s not just about IT functions or call centres, it’s about utilising expertise so that you can grow your company by doing what you do best. It enables you to play to your strengths and develop a partnership built on trust to take your business forward.

    As well as the traditional benefits of reducing costs and offloading repetitive tasks, disruptive outsourcing is now focused on helping you drive growth and make your business more agile. Flexibility, access to expertise, technology and innovation are all available through the right partnership.

    So what steps do you need to take to help you identify your business needs and make the most of outsourcing?


    1. Skills and resources

    Look at your business functions, and your resource capabilities. Are there any gaps in your in-house skills? You may need some experienced talent to drive forward an aspect of your business, but not yet have the demand or capital to invest in a full-time employee. It may be a temporary need, or you may wish to offer a level of service that requires a much larger team, more space, or opening 24 hours. Or perhaps it’s just low value workload that isn’t time well spent for your team.

    Do you struggle to handle seasonal peaks and troughs? Is your organisation still too small to justify dedicated support services such as IT, HR or Finance?

    A thorough analysis of your business capabilities based on your strategic goals is the first step to determining your needs.


    1. Trust is key

    Outsourcing does not mean abandoning control. The right partnership means you are on the same page, with the same aims. Roles and responsibilities are clear, SLAs are clear and you will have a working rhythm in place that ensures you have the ability to steer and set expectations, with your outsourcing partner providing all the data and information to keep you up to date on performance and progress.

    A trusted relationship means working together to constantly look for improvements, and your partner should not just be responsive to your needs, but should actually be pro-actively helping to identify them.


    1. Data, data, data

    The right outsourcing partner won’t just fulfil tasks, they will be able to collect and mine your data, providing you with tailored, continuous information to measure the performance and cost effectiveness of your service, as well as using data intelligence to seek improvements.

    Always ensure you set your performance targets in partnership with your outsourcing supplier, and set clear expectations on how you will regularly assess performance data and action issues. A trusted partner will share the risk and reward of the relationship, so will be incentivised to manage performance issues proactively.


    At HarperCo we know a thing or two about outsourcing. With a breath of experience across industries and sectors, our consultancy services could help you take the first step in assessing what your business needs to achieve its goals. We can help you assess your strategy, capabilities and resources and make recommendations on the best way to grow your business. Please come and chat to us, completely confidential, no obligation. We’re here to help.




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