What we do

Business Consultancy

We offer a range of services based on understanding your business needs and your vision for the future. We like to work with our clients to truly understand how we can make a difference and really add value, through strategy, problem solving, planning, execution, knowledge, capability and talent to name but a few.

We’ll help you build a robust business model and plan for success. This can be beneficial for large or small organisations, who need objective, independent support from experienced business leaders across a variety of specialisms.

Organisational Development Services

Organisational Development (OD) is an entire company approach to change, focused on improving performance and effectiveness of the organisation through innovation in people, product and systems. OD is a multi-disciplined practice aiming to:

  • Improved trust and engagement between organisation and workforce
  • Confront problems with solutions
  • Manage conflict issues
  • Increase collaboration and cooperation across workforce
  • Implement a continuous improvement culture

We deliver a range of interventions and consultancy aimed at helping our clients improve their business through a range of methods including:

  • Leadership & Management Development
  • Group training
  • Masterclass delivery with key note industry expert speakers
  • 1:1 performance coaching
  • Interim Change Agents
Capital Investment

We are passionate about helping businesses thrive. We are committed to find the best, talented people with the right attitude and great ideas.  Sometimes the most difficult part of a business’ growth cycle can be the start, or early days.  In other instances, organisations can get stuck, lag behind the times, be late to adopt technology or struggle to fund growth.  Whatever the situation, we are well placed to review the situation and make recommendations based on our team’s extensive experience across disciplines including Corporate Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Product development and HR.

We have an effective due diligence process which places people at the heart. We believe brilliant people have potential to grow brilliant businesses.

We bring more than just finance to the table, we bring much needed experience, connections and leadership drive to achieve the mission!

Technology and Digital

Digital transformation is essential for business growth. So whether it’s understanding your digital strategy, developing innovations, considering your digital culture, understanding and leveraging your data, or implementing and supporting your IT infrastructure, we can help. 

From consultancy advice, development of applications, data intelligence and reporting, through to full-time support from our IT partner Vital, we can offer significant expertise.

Business restructuring

We work with a team of experts who specialise in funding, debt recovery solutions, pre-insolvency advice and turn-around solutions.

When business doesn’t go to plan it is vital that Directors and Owners take the right advice at the right time. Insolvency isn’t always the only option. We signpost organisations to a range of trusted partners who offer expert guidance and advice.

Leadership Development

We believe in developing high performance cultures and the important role that leaders play in this. Their behaviours are everything. “People instantly see and judge behaviour.”

The quality of your leadership is absolutely critical as it cuts through to the heart of the organisation. The behaviours of your senior leaders will permeate through your organisation, so they will determine the success, or failure, of any cultural change programme. 

We develop leadership development programmes that define the kind of leadership you need for your business, to drive the right culture and help you achieve your goals. Our programmes create authentic, consistent and transparent leadership, and build the belief you need to deliver success for your business.

Training & Development

With significant experience across industries, our team can create bespoke training solutions to meet your needs. From developing customer centricity, skilled managers and robust onboarding training for new employees, through to delivering regulatory and compliance training.

Training can be delivered across multiple channels including eLearning, bite size modules, self-directed learning and face to face workshops.

Business Planning and Strategy

We work with organisations large and small to help then define their ‘Why?’.  We ask challenging questions about the mission of the business, its core purpose and then build a strategy around that.  We work with some of the best business brains in the world with years of experience in growing and running successful companies across many disciplines, including but not limited to: Retail, Fintech, Manufacturing, Digital & IT, Service Sector and Healthcare.

Our approach to business planning and strategy development puts our clients’ customers at the heart of their offering, disrupting conventional models of service and product delivery.  We believe the greatest asset of all organisations is people.  We encourage our clients to actively engage with their teams to build the strategy for tomorrow. 

Customer Experience Consultancy (CX)

We believe good isn’t good enough in today’s world of commerce. Customers want, expect and deserve more from their suppliers and service givers.  Digital = Disruption.  Customers have never been more in control of their destiny and more organisations are re-building their businesses with their customers at the very heart.  These organisations are taking market share and disrupting consumer behaviour.

Working with major leading brands and consumer groups, we have learned the secrets and methods of what separates outstanding service to mainstream.  Importantly, we link improvements to return on investment.  Sometimes the smallest changes to a service or product offering can bring game-changing results to clients.

We offer a full end to end consultancy service which includes a review of the customer journey and value map.  We recommend improvements (small and large) with demonstrable, expected ROI.  Our team of CX experts have delivered major transformation programmes resulting in high growth returns as well as award-winning customer service transformations.

If required, we can also provide full, overflow or out of hours omni-channel customer service support from our company go-centric, who deliver outstanding outsourcing solutions across all industries. 

Shadow board advisory services

Every business needs a sounding board. Irrelevant of size or sector, having a team or person to stretch and challenge the board’s thinking is vital to ensure good governance and growth.

We offer a shadow board service where we act as a business catalyst to the top team.  Our focused experience brings a wealth of positive contribution to the board table.  Our assignments range from weekly to quarterly.  We apply a simple model of business excellence to help benchmark progress and results.  We are completely focused on helping the organisation to thrive and prosper.  We call on the expertise of our top team to ensure expert guidance and assistance is provided.  This enables our clients to access the best advice and talent available at a fraction of the cost of employing it directly. 

Back office support – Outsourced HR and Finance

Managing human resources efficiently and intelligently is critical to any business. Absence, attrition and employee relations can become a significant cost to your organisation when not managed well. Outsourcing can reduce your admin workload and free up time for your core business objectives. We can support on developing your people strategy, understanding your HR resource needs, providing specialist advice, or provide a fully outsourced HR service. 

Our financial expertise ranges from grant and equity finance raising, acquisitions, disposals, MBOs, MBIs, corporate venturing and strategic advisory, through to operational management, payroll and accounts payable. Outsourcing financial requirements can save you money, reduce risk, improve processes and productivity and gain access to expertise. 

Public Affairs and Communications

American Author H. Jackson Brown said “Take care of your reputation, it’s your most valuable asset.” We offer consultancy and support for your strategic communications, both internal and external, to increase employee engagement, build company profile, enhance your brand and reach out to your target audiences. We can support the implementation of change programmes, roll out vision and values and initiate cultural transformations. Internal communications support from developing your communication strategy, through to managing full re-branding projects, implementing internal channels, intranets or designing company engagement events. External communications from developing strategies, social media channels, building websites or supporting press relations. 

We can help you grow your business, develop your culture, manage change and even coach your leaders to be better communicators. 

The most important part of the process is to work with you to be clear on the objectives, understand what your business needs to achieve and develop communication activities to help you reach your goals. 

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